Rendezvous with death

I scatter my tears

Into a cornflower sky

Watch clouds turn carmine and die;

Supress the ache that

Pervades my very essence

As shrapnel silences my defense…










75 thoughts on “Rendezvous with death

  1. I cry with you, very apt, so many terrible things happening, all so very sad.

    I think you have found a way into my head, for I wrote a tribute poem this morning, (yesterday morning, for me), a concrete one in the shape of a bluebell, my blue sky, only mine fell the clouds followed to, you’ll have to read it I’d love your opinion.

    Take care Precious Lady!


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  2. [I will start by pointing out a minor flaw. “Suppress” has two p’s not one. Minor.] Very nice, Yassy. So much thought and emotion packed into such a small space. I enjoyed it a lot.

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