sweet reason

Golden enchantments of a ligure’s allure
brightening bosom as chamber overflows
its vast reservoir of dreams, Heart’s contour
shaping quadrivials wreathed with thorny woes
giving monotony an edge, Forging detour
taken by wisdom ,the pericope bestows
on an unbelievable journey of hope
divine mystical force helps the soul to cope.

60 thoughts on “sweet reason

      1. Yes would love to do a collaboration with you, but I have one outstanding one with Sangbang, one in abeyance with a guy who wants me to write a story with him, then there is a guest post that I have done for da Al waiting for that to be posted and I am working on the haiku kego’s, which at the moment is doing my head in. Not the kegos, the html, sometimes it works and some times it wont. Strange as I use the same configuration each time, jus the key words that chang. Any my prob, i am sorting it, but it is time consuming so I’ll give a shout when , i hope that’s okay,



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