A Kiss Of Sunshine


A kiss of sunshine rests upon my brow
As the warmth of sun’s rays upon me flow
Melting the ice crystals that seem to cling
Falling like dew on blossoming buds of spring.

A kiss of sunshine rests upon my head
Warm fingers of sunlight through my hair thread
As golden heat courses down my body
To take on the day, I am now ready.

A kiss of sunshine lights up my whole face
As the sun glows on all life to embrace
Reviving a world that had gone to sleep
The sun never fails his promise to keep.

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63 thoughts on “A Kiss Of Sunshine

  1. a kiss of sunshine
    your poetry lights me up
    their depth intense
    outshines the sun–kiss of words
    warms me my whole being
    I heard a whisper
    a well earned hiatus you will take
    may the sun kiss you
    please stay safe take car
    WordPress will miss you me too

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  2. There is a way to see the sun directly. 15 mins before it rises you can bask in his glory. and 5 mins after it shows you can thank him by looking at his eyes and say: ” Thank you for the day and i appreciate your warmth.”

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