Rainbow Gold

Storm brews

In Leprechaun ‘s pot-

A rainbow appears



36 thoughts on “Rainbow Gold

  1. hark the Irish fiddle
    dancers tapping out the beat
    Leprechaun’s struck gold
    Leprechauns not elves
    Ireland’s equal fantasy
    elves they don’t agree
    call the fairies
    pixies imps and goblins too
    yep Leprechaun true
    you heard my story
    a Leprechaun it is true
    on a bicycle
    A true story, really!
    Driving along a country lane, our boss driving, my son and myself sat in the rear, when out of the blue the boss said, “I was driving this lane a few days back when I overtook a leprechaun ridding a pushbike”. Well, my son, and I looked at each other, and simultaneously said, “You on drugs boss”, and before he could answer we overtook an adult male, and yes dressed as a leprechaun. The strangest thing then happened, we looked back and he was gone. I hasten to add there was nowhere for it/him to hide, just gone, No one said another word, and we never ever discussed the event, this being the firs ever public comment on the event, at least by me. I don’t think the other two will ever bring the topic up publically for fear of being ridiculed.
    What do you make of that, very strange, eh?

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      1. Had three tons of work on the “farm,” a newly found leg-cramp that said to me: hey, fool, quit couch-sleeping and do it like a human, insensate on the floor! (Not.) But I do trundle off to bed and wake up unstiff. But I did not go un-scribble – still have a few left from the interregnum to fling up perhaps tomorrow. Have to go to the PO to get some change-of-address stuff (still in Sanford just a few blocks removed and still have garden at office: spreading compost and working it in and tending the near 100 containers and transplanting and pruning and all the JustSpringSproingingStuff is getting me harried…and now the Sis-in-Law says we gots gopher tortoise locating to do soonerishly. Oh, where did I put my handy-dandy sunscreen-n-ventilated chapeau and my Ka-Bar knife and – oh, hes! – unmisslay my answer to Yassy: It’s NCAA men’s – and women’s but I do not take cable so I will see the distaff side but a few times – collegiate basketball tournament time (see Commentary, outrages, etc., blog hanging out with Richwrapper for my take on why American Sport may be this nation’s salvation in more ways than just proving we can “race” together to just one example of H.S.S. on this planet (though I am rather proud of my Neanderthal genotypic inclusions in that fuzzy category “other.” I am glad in a way I do not have cable, ’cause if so I would be chained to the one-eyed-gogmagog because it also is NCAA wrestling championship tournament(s) time, too!. And, yes, I did miss you. And yes, I have much more reading of you and Phoebe and Eugenia and so many other wonderful people – where did you hide Mick E. T. for so long: what a marvelous leprechaunish tale to top off his four-haiku set! Thank you for finding him for me.

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  2. You do your haikus different from mine. I do five syllables that seven syllables then five syllables again. You do two syllables than two syllables and five syllables. That is very interesting. I will have to try writing one like your style. Speaking of I liked your poem very much. It’s tough to write a poem using so little syllables. You did a great job.

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  3. A beautiful piece and much needed pick-me-up for today.
    My other blog is now gone.
    I’ll probably take a break from writing and focus on drawing and painting.
    I will be continuing to follow your work.
    I may still do some work at my my poetry blog…
    I hope you may check it out:
    Thanks for the pick-me-up Jasmine.

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  4. While your poem is extremely imaginative, it doesn’t fall into the defined 17 syllable (5,7,5 lines) of the definition of a haiku or senryu and I wonder if there is a specific reason to call it a haiku vs free verse/short verse anyway? Always learning over here…

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