Just Me

I struggle to put my words in a line
I gather them and mount them on a shrine..

Words waltz like braille on paper
Recollections are a heartbreaker..

And now I can’t feel my dreams anymore
Inside my heart, avalanche of words galore..

Lost in this world, feeling singled out
I toe the line, no rules I flout..

I hold my breath drowning
Overwhelmed by hostile surroundings..

Memoirs unfold in the depths of my soul
I rely on myself to console..

I am not scared of my demons, I face them
My rimes help, never let me succumb…

As pages turn like accoustics in a band
I hold my lines in the palm of my hand..

#rhyming couplet


51 thoughts on “Just Me

      1. You seem bit disappointed, my friend. I’m sorry. It’s just that I thought if I start stripping down your poem I will likely end up writing a dissertation on its greatness. And you’ll be tired of meπŸ˜‚

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