I lose myself as I daydream my dreams
Like fairytales living out movie themes

Footprints glide where I once bled
Spilled droplets outline a thread

Ink dribbles down from my mind
Thoughts dismantled, now defined

On paper that speaks words written
Nuances that flow unbidden

I scribble sonants that fall on the ears
Taking with them all of my fears

Heart empties itself of words
Whispers that will never be heard

Words that cannot be told
Into a paper that embraces to hold

Like time in an hourglass gone astray
A life that has lost its way

They flow like sand charting
An emotional course,a road’s sketching

Life is but a journey
That will end up as destiny..



52 thoughts on “lost

  1. One couplet to another πŸ™‚

    if ere you were lost I’d find you,
    I’d search every warm inviting bayou.

    You could not help but leave a trail.
    Your words are strong, ere your frail.

    The words you leave, your legacy,
    Would be my guide, help me to see.

    I would not ever give in till you I find.
    You my Lady, one of a precious kind.

    To not ever read new words you hold,
    No, to much, my heart weak, blood cold.

    Then I remembered, you, and your fiction.
    I hope your couplet is no contradiction?

    Mine is truth, writing with my heart.
    If your lost where to look, where would I start?


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      1. And how vivid is that,
        Like sunlight dazzling
        Moonlight caressing lovers
        Words full of emotion
        Poetry that tell a story
        A part of you transcribed.
        Immortalised on paper.

        You take care now,


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      2. Omg you write fabulously. Gimme your mind Mick. Awesome πŸ‘πŸ» you take care too. I think your genius had rubbed off on me. I can write now too. Bye good guy. Take care take your meds your meals on time. Sleep on time, your mum Yasmin.

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