butterfly kisses

skin tingling with gossamer kisses
brushing delicately to caress
eyelashes twine in steamy blisses
as sensations sparkle and fluoresce

eyes flutter open, emotions fly
gazing deep into each other’s soul
quivering as eye meets eye
sheer embraces delicately roll

trembling and going weak at the knees
as fringes sweep every inch of skin
enveloping in heady reprise
senses whirling in sensual spin

grazing already heightened feeling
like a hypnotic blanket warming
stroking flaming sentiments burning
a love stroked in mesmeric storming.

53 thoughts on “butterfly kisses

      1. lol. You , Lord Zoolon, just called your dad an old man , how mean is that and then you usurp his title , not done, abominable crime committed by you Lord ! Make amends.

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