spring’s realm

Turquoise sky drools into endless vista as
Fragrant yellow blooms charm in the cowslip
Bees and butterflies trail scented fuchsia
An indulgent breeze tumbles as sheep graze,snip
In rolling meadows filled with amber gorse
Golden sunbeams reflect fine feathers on course
Hummingbirds feast on woodbine honeysuckle
As realms of spring unfold to bedazzle.


33 thoughts on “spring’s realm

  1. Beautiful piece..nice use of color. Hummingbirds…they are my favorite.
    I have a hummingbird couple that feeds at the feeder on my back balcony.

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  2. hummingbirds are the craziest thing ever. They will fight over a FULL feeder like they could actually drink it all. I was on the porch one day and after an hour of dive bombing each other, I said, “if y’all don’t stop fighting over those feeders, I’m taking them down” Later came out and they were all sitting, not hoovering, but sitting on the feeders eating together. True story 🙂 I think I have a picture somewhere of it, if I can figure out how to get it online..lol…I’ll post it


  3. Delicate, like pure silk, sewn in place.
    Dexterity, so resplendent in many ways
    The spice of spring scent transcribed.
    Exploding all across the wanton page.
    The genus of a poets whim, defined.

    You did it again, inspiration personified!

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      1. Not just my thought, all your followers, likers, readers, are of the same opinion. To. me, all your work I find inspirational, perhaps because I sense your being in every word you write. What ere the case I feel I have to respond with more than just a thank you. You , your poetry, are worthy of accolade’s I’ve yet to discover, put simply, your supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!!

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