I am immensely honored and delighted by this piece of poetry written by my super talented soul sister Dana..you have been too extravagant in your praise, just shows the generosity of your kind. In my opinion, You are the Lionheart, the braveheart and I am blessed to have you as my friend.IThank you from the bottom of my heart. lol I still think I dont deserve all the praise you bestowed on me..

Mah Butt Itches

As the sun beats down upon her, she laps the cooling stream

Stalking through the green grass, power courses in her veins

She lies meek in her mind, yet mighty is her heart

She licks her wounds golden, upon a crown adorned

Blistering red stokes her fires, yet orange is her sweetness

She’s been trampled in stampedes of fear

Her eyes not blind in blackness

Her pain in violet, indigo bruises,

Her roar is all you’ll know

Her bites can leave you mangled, yet she will make you whole

You’ll never see her coming

As you blindly seek power paraded by the main

She embraces the prowess inside her

Her love is the rain that reigns

**Dedicated to the beautiful, wonderful, incredible, magnificent Yassie.  Her poetry makes my heart skip beats and my mind race to create anything half as beautiful as hers.  I love you, dear one!!!  I meant to post this yesterday in…

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22 thoughts on “The Lionness

  1. This is so very beautiful Yassy….and I am sure you deserve every bit of the poem which your friend has written for you. She is such a sweetheart I am sure and you must be so lucky to have a friend like her. She is a wonderfully talented girl as I can see in her writings and I am certainly going to follow her. God bless and more power to you both !


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