now and again

dreams lose
themselves in
long forgotten
reminiscences that transcend time, they
live in pages of my memory like
lost souvenirs
aching to



45 thoughts on “now and again

  1. Yasmin, precious Lady, your dreams transcend,
    To levels, beyond conscious detection.
    From whence, you return, reassembled.
    Intrepid, your mind freed from self persecution.
    Your heart, your soul, celebrating life, its joys,
    All a titanic, mental, transformation.
    Now endowed with goodness, you venture forth,
    Transcribing words, from a new dimension,
    Emotion, full of empathy, no dissention,
    Invoking goodwill, in all around you.
    Exemplary, your choice of diction,
    Provocative, inspirational, and open.
    All your virtues, you have explored.
    To me, you are the best, a friend indeed.
    Complementary, proud, a poet of distinction.
    If I could leap into your soul, your mind,
    I’d probably want to stay forever, now I dream.

    Mick, your humble friend.

    PS This is for you, I’ll not be putting it up on my blog.

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      1. Every 3 months, or when required, thanks for your concern, rarely do I have hypo’s, just got carried away with editing the days photo shoot, nearly 400 photos. Truly, I’m fine now.

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