Join me in dedicating this wonderful verse from Chhaya. To all the wonderful women here on WP, especially Dana, you women inspire…..

Poems in a Coffer

I strived, you failed me
I tried, you despised my attempts
I smiled, you snapped me away
I hummed, you screamed aloud
I dreamt, you shook me awake
I touched, you gave me scars

I wanted to stretch, you shrank my room
I tried to run, you tied my feet
I looked for escape, you caged my body
I felt like crying, you gagged my voice
I urged respite, you brought me pain

But with every harm that you did to me
one thing you couldn’t do was
break me and shatter me apart
for you were too weak to deter my spirits
and I was too strong to succumb to your horrors
and that’s what made the whole difference
in this game which you thought was all yours.

Dedicated to all the lovely women out there, who endured it all, but came out stronger. More power to you !!


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