This verse from Jurg moved me to tears. I had to share this .

Zoolon Audio

dover5-4(the picture is of clouds over France taken from Dover Harbour this morning)

Just a thought, thought up driving home on Sunday.

CONTRADICTION (not a poem or a song)

To a land of faith and plenty,

Came the lonesome refugee,

All he wanted was a safe place,

To live, unchained and free,

Yet when he knocked upon the door,

They looked him up and down,

Said he wasn’t welcome,

Gave him the thorny crown,

And a ticket back to nowhere,

A war torn broken city,

Where he was on death’s promise,

Where he’d be shown no pity,

All is well in paradise,

When the lost souls stay away,

And all the good folk living there,

For those same lost souls, they pray.

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  1. Brings back not-so-fond memories of crossing the channel from Dover to Calais in a dinky ferry on a stormy and tumultuous sea…I still feel seasick thinking about it:-)

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