I walk the pathless trail, into a forest abuzz with haiku.
Revelling in the delicious sense of being drawn into a
metaphysical embrace.Scents of pine, cedar, fir brim into the
ambience of gossamer shadows.

liquid melodies
of birds ripple the air:
a squirrel browses

The quiet eloquence of the forest falls ,tuneful murmurs on my ears,
like the breath of eternal spirits roaming infinitesimal spaces,
unwearied, plucking strings in the purled leafage. I muse their whisperings.

aurum light filters:
leaves quiver into
cerulean drippings

I feel a rush of serendipity, entering a divine cosmos where
nourishing and nuturing renews verve. I lean into the wispy
slender branches of the weeping willow and slumber, my shadow
etched in gloam, as incantations of birds fade..I close my eyes.

a drunken bee
faints into my lap:
winter’s exodus


Dedicated to my friend Dana, of mahabuttitches17.wordpress.com
who inspired me to write this..

87 thoughts on “drawn

      1. Yas…am taking this liberty coz I know you have a sense of humour….but a long time ago my favorite teacher used to call me Vidhu…and I still reserve that for her πŸ˜‰

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      2. Hey Yasmin, I keep coming back to this exchange in my head and for some reason it troubles me….so whether needed or not by you…I apologise for the reaction. It shouldn’t have been so! ☺️

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  1. Oh Yazzy!!!!!!!!!!!!! I adore this!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s a rainy cloudy day here, but I want nothing more to go play in the forest and feel your words anew!!!! This is like the softest blanket on a perfectly chilly day. When spring is just awakening, and the world is too beautiful for words, and your words captured it! Incredible!!!!!!! I love you so much this is amazing.

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    1. 😊 yippee. Yay am happy you liked it. We will go play in the forest one day. With the kids of course , can’t do without them. So much to do. So many dreams. Sigh !!!😘😘😘😘

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      1. πŸ™‚ I actually have the gang and I signed up for our first family group hike with my hiking group!!! Five miles along a creek woot woot!!! I love it my dear, and you best keep dreaming. It would seem the best dreams are the ones when you awake…and your dreams paint the loveliest pictures ❀

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    1. Thank you J, I don’t what to call you anymore. You got a generous heart ! Too much praise may get to my head but then it’s good cos it may defreeze. Lol
      What am I saying

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      1. Don’t say that Sailaja. You are way too gifted , I sometimes wish I could write like you. I draw inspiration from all of you here. Thank you Saila. You have a gentle heart.

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  2. I think the first person, mixed with the three line reality checks is something else – that, to me was difficult to write in an understandable way, but I hope you got what I was trying to say. You are cleverer than me, I rest my case.

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  3. An excellent and atmospheric haibun yassy. I am starting to read more about this form and this has tempted me more. I love the last haiku, – a drunken bee fainting into your lap creates such wonderful imagery πŸ™‚

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  4. Reblogged this on Mick E Talbot Poems and commented:
    a haibun full
    divulging natures secrets
    lush sweet aromas
    blissful silence
    no whispers a gentle breeze
    weeping willow rocks
    birds of paradise
    echoing your beauty
    your gift from nature
    my words falter
    my concentration blurred
    drowned all asunder
    a moments respite
    haibun and you haiku
    exquisite words

    wow wow W O W!!!

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  5. Yassy, you hit the gorgeous nail on the head again. Divine!!
    (Not sure how I missed it the first time, I saw it thanks to Mick’s reblog. I’m not sure everything shows up in the reader).
    You are inspiring.

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  6. A beautiful haibun series, filled with a wonderful mix of figurative and descriptive language. There is such a peacefulness created as readers are drawn into this world you describe.

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