As a little girl, I loved to climb trees
I was light-footed, got carried away by the breeeze
I used to be up there hanging with the lads
Playing with dolls was not one of my fads
Jumping from one terraced roof to another
We were birds of a different feather
Awry hair, hands dirty, scraped knees, broken bones
We were the neighbourhood’s naughty gnomes
Like a second skin, I wore my jeans
A dress on me would tear at the seams.
My girly dresses in the cupboard hung neatly
I would look at them but only fleetingly
Would this girl ever blossom into a woman
And learn to heed life’s endless summon?

florid snow

Much to my surprise, I saw the upturned face of the “Crocus”.
The snow had not melted, yet , there was “Glory of the snow”, the
first harbinger of spring.
The sting had gone out of the wind..winter was letting us out of our hibernation.
The sun looked dazed..I loved the nip in the air, nothing would keep me indoors.
with eyes as wide as saucers..I went looking for flowers in the melting snow,
On the arms of a tipsy gyrating breeze was the “The Windflower” or
the Anemone Nemorosa.its puffed up petals nodding in the air..
My step faltered as I heard a yell, and there he was waving wildly,
“Jack in the Pulpit”, dressed in his mantle of yellowish brown stripes..
His colors dazzled my eye, before I could catch my breath, I heard a buzz,
A group of female bees were out looking for “The Ghost Flower”
I stepped back to let them go, feeling thirsty and a wee bit dizzy, I decided
to go looking for dewberries..
I found Narcissus playing all by himself, the breeze teased him as he charmed the sky..
As I walked dry twigs crackled under my feet..I popped a dewberry into my mouth relishing its flavor and freshness.
My eyes caught sight of the stunningly exotic “Birds of Paradise”
I went into a spell as I inhaled the fragrance of Hyacinths, marigolds, Lilacs, Impatiens..A blaze of colors filled my senses..
A return to happiness with “Lily of the valley”, I knew I found it when I found
the “Irises”, my rainbow at the bend of the forest.