A Soul Awakened

Love stirred something deep within my soul
As my quintessence became a whole
bringing heart, soul, body together
Feeling life’s tender touch, soft as a feather.

I learned to dream again, as love drew
Me out of myself, helping me through
Never letting go, clasping my hand
Encircling me with warmth of love’s wand.

Dormant yearnings awakening
Racy emotions, heart’s quickening
Urging me to bliss of dreams again
All the heartache would not go in vain.

Scintillating verve with Utopia’s flame
Burning to revitalize, proclaim
Destiny’s triumph through soul’s rebirth
A soul unfettered flying this earth.

I spill my heart out on this paper
sensations from my bosom whisper
Soul’s arousal kindles rhapsody
poesy stimulates radiancy..

56 thoughts on “A Soul Awakened

      1. OMG. I feel terrible. You must be brave Nonie. Mumbai has turned cold, where you live it’s colder. Hope he gets better soon. He will, sweetie. Take heart. Keep me updated please


      2. We can talk here, it’s better I think. I was so worried cos emails are not working, and don’t want trouble for no one here, know what I mean . I will be here. Worry not.

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      1. That ice cold coke in a glass bottle can now come out of the fridge. I only have one when we win. I hope your magic works on the next game, although if I tell you it’s against Bayern Munich on Wednesday I’ll forgive you not wishing to get involved in magic spells.

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      2. Let’s drink šŸ¹ to their win, yay, I got chilled coke right here, they are on a roll, their winning streak will continue, they don’t need no spell, not that I know any lol..things are looking up. Enjoy your weekend George.

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    1. I got jittery after you blocked the comment section , thought maybe something I said wrong. I tend to say exactly what I feel, which is bad, sometimes, so I don’t want to get you into trouble so I shut up but missed you too, honestly.

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      1. That was a momentary lapse of reason on our part. Sorry again, especially for making you feel somehow responsible for it. Let’s let bygones be bygones. And pick from where we left, can we? Have missed your words. šŸ˜ƒ

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  1. beauty words still wet
    fingers brush the keyboard searching

    hearts beating as one
    reciprocating movement
    lovers making love

    lips forever seeking bliss
    invoking memory

    utopia yes
    travelled space time seeking
    pray it must exist

    gasping hearts in pain
    trials tribulations why
    souls searching truths

    nature had a plan
    all life on earth procreate
    propagating love

    ere you think me lost
    time agrees I am that man
    leaving a dream

    oh my God must stop
    yet your genius drives me
    opening voids once locked

    searched souls I’ve wandered
    universes and beyond
    there’s no place like home

    can I forget yes
    my brain is losing
    doctor say i’s fine

    a soul awakens
    love flows through its veins
    grizzly bears must wait

    That plucked at my heart strings, beyond genius!

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  2. “I learned to dream again” I like this idea.
    It’s one I have to remind myself of….

    My comments are so “light-weight” compared to some of the other analysis here.
    All well, that’s me…with a immediate and direct impression after I read.

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