A baby’s perspective

I seem to have outgrown my birthday suit
I used to love the feel of my own skin
I was soft and tender like a new root
My stark nakedness brought me disrepute
Trying to clothe me, mom in hot pursuit
Pampers round my hips irritated me
Sometimes I would be drenched in my potty
The Johnson people asked me to model
Unclothed for a baby powder ditty
My soft baby voice going full throttle.



44 thoughts on “A baby’s perspective

      1. Yes and no. Yes I found it, but playing it back reminded me that I cast it aside because I didn’t like the intro. I might remake it for the new album I’m writing. It’s progressing really well.

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      2. It’s not cucumber any more, is it? Shall I send an aubergine across to you , we don’t want our Lord Zoolon hungry , do we? Let me not take any more of your time , my Lord . See you anon

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      3. I can’t cope. Brinjal Bhaji is now on my mind and I have to have some. A chapati with it would be fine. I once lived next door to Raj who owned his own restaurant, but at home his wife did all the cooking and boy could she cook.

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      4. Meat wise I only go for korma, but it is the veg dishes I really like. Sag Aloo is another great dish. I have a mother who eats fal. I don’t understand how she does it, but she says it isn’t that hot to her.

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      5. I just found this on Wiki, Lady Yasmin. “Phall (sometimes spelled fall, faal, fahl, phaal, phal or paal) is a British Asian Indian curry dish, which originated in Indian restaurants in Birmingham, UK. It should not to be confused with the char-grilled, gravyless, finger food phall from Bangalore.”

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