As a little girl, I loved to climb trees
I was light-footed, got carried away by the breeeze
I used to be up there hanging with the lads
Playing with dolls was not one of my fads
Jumping from one terraced roof to another
We were birds of a different feather
Awry hair, hands dirty, scraped knees, broken bones
We were the neighbourhood’s naughty gnomes
Like a second skin, I wore my jeans
A dress on me would tear at the seams.
My girly dresses in the cupboard hung neatly
I would look at them but only fleetingly
Would this girl ever blossom into a woman
And learn to heed life’s endless summon?


100 thoughts on “gamine

      1. Once upon a time in WordPress land , there lived a nice benign king George. Oh! Is there anything about king George. He was a talented musician and had a heart of gold. He loved football .
        To be cont….

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      2. It seems so. He also stuffed himself with porpoise, seal and whole squirrels. He was very fat and ate no vegetables. They hadn’t worked out that in those days salads were good for you. Thanks for the kind words in the previous comment.

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      3. I’ve just remembered. Worse still, for a banquet he would have peacock cooked. When it was done, the staff had to put the feathers back on, so it looked like a peacock again, before he and his guests ate it. A truly disgusting person.

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      4. Isn’t it funny how out of all the bits of history you learn at school only the odd facts stick and the important stuff runs away. Lord Zoolon is without cucumbers. All of England is without cucumbers. It’s been on the news that the weather in Europe means we won’t have cucumbers until the spring. Lord Zoolon wonders why this is news when people are suffering all over the planet. How is Lady Yasmin this morning?

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      5. Oh! We have plenty of cucumbers in the veggie bazaar, you want some sent over , my Lord? People are suffering everywhere, why can’t it be the same status quo, if Lord Zoolon were running our planet , all his subjects would be healthy and happy , I bet.
        I am very well, I thank your Highness , long live Lord Zoolon ! Or rather King George or King Jurg, as he is fondly called by his subjects.


      6. I’m not sure why I’m so worried about cucumbers, given that I rarely eat them. Even so, even without cucumbers we shall recreate Camelot, Lady Yasmin – it’s probably for the best if we bypass the dragons though.

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      7. Merlin the Wizard. His best friend was his owl. He lived alone in the woods and always looked out for Arthur. Once I have the sword Excalibur, the kingdom shall be mine and all will have as many cucumbers as they like.

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      8. In the dead of the night my pet raven will thief Excalibur from him while he sleeps or is otherwise occupied. Only then will the crown be mine and cucumbers will be eaten by all the souls of this Kingdom.

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      9. Sadly, I must report that just as I was about to release the carrier pigeon, your update message pinned to his tail feathers, Merlin’s owl showed up and ate the poor creature. It is for this reason I am contacting you by social media. Thinking about it, social media would have been a better plan in the first place. Anyway, I have met with King Arthur who is in possession of the Cucumber of Destiny. Arthur says he will only trade the cucumber in exchange for the hand of Lady Yasmin. Obviously, I told him that Lady Yasmin is quite fond of her hand, and that he can’t have it. Our negotiations continue.

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      10. I am most sorry to take so long to update you, Lady Yasmin. The thing is my negotiations with Arthur went on well into the night. I can report that, reluctantly, he accepts that your hand is not a thing he can have. Finally though, after a little bartering, he agreed to trade The Cucumber of Destiny for The Oblong Table. However, I had to advise him that without a table to eat at, what use was the last cucumber left in the world to me? Worse still, when I requested he at least let me see The Cucumber of Destiny, Arthur obliged only to discover that he had forgotten to keep it in the fridge. It had rotted away and become inedible. Sadly then, I must report, that the cucumber, like the unicorn is now extinct. On the plus side, I shall be returning with The Aubergine of Hope, a veg I pilfered from under his very nose. I trust this news goes a little way to ease your despair regarding the cucumber.

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      11. Lol Jurg. You are an awesome amazing writer. You tell it so well. Am surprised you have not turned your hand to writing. We must compile all this into a book. You know , forget the cucumber. You must write, because you write so well.

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  1. She would blossom into a tree climbing, roof jumping woman yassy. An excellent poem. There was a great sadness in those last two lines of someone being pushed into something she didn’t want to be due to the norms placed on us by society.

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