feathered fury

There once lived a man with a long beard
In this beard, his pet birds he reared.
One fine day, his beard gave way
The birds got into a mad fray
His hair they sheared, face with droppings smeared.


destiny spins a yarn

Destiny spins a yarn threading
A fibre through time
To string up time on the wall or
Embedded in an hour glass
well propotioned
An equal upper and a lower half
Like a doll
Fate caught in a glass jar
flowing relentlessly, unstoppable
Moments held under supervision in
A place called the four walls
A house or a home
Putty in whose hands,
A yarn is spun on a drop spindle
To coat a collectible that has sensibilities
Ceaselessly toyed with
Molded, branded, burned with
The stamp of chauvinistic masochism
In this state of doom, time stands still.
Tears prick the back of eyelids
The prick of needle oozes blood
Rubbed with shifting, sifting sands
Little time granules freeze
for that one moment,
But glory evades.


I lay me down to sleep
cocooned in a thistledown
quilting a rumination
that teases my restlessness
a zephyr murmurs
perceptions permeating my being
taking me to the edge of a light
the darkness inks my spirit
forging poesies into my heart
as night breathes its nuances
into my intropsections
pushing dreams into oblivion
a moment hung in eternity
in a finite space of time
I still embrace my dreams..

I feel the desolation of a universe
that is so alive, even as the night sky
sings an ode to the stars and the moon
the milky way echoes
the song of my dreams..

life’s tempo

the clock

capture’s the time,

yet never holds it down.

like an unrestrained symphony

a clarion call heard many a moon.

continuing the life’s tempo.

ensemble heralding

descant chimes of

the clock.

life is a dance

Life is a waltz, am dancing in its arms
My head is whirling, a merry go around
Adrenaline rush, blood in my veins warms
Dizzying heights, feet firmly on ground.

Gallivanting, as in a wild goose chase
treading destiny’s pathway’s in a trance
Not losing face, blessings grace
A journey travelled with no defiance.

At times, foot tapping melodious steps
Heartbeat a-skipping, off my feet swept
Mournfully out of sync,good sense helps
At manipulating me, fate has become adept.

mellifluous undulation

quivering red green
ruby throated hummingbird……
sweet aviation

lapping up nectar
with his long black bill and tongue………..
honeyed enjoyment

a candied cloying
on the blossoms of jewelweed……..
fragrant piquancy

nectareous bliss
maneuvering the flower…..
luscious saccharine

#birds and the bees,and the blossoms.

kiss the rain

I hear the whispering of the clouds as they burst
showering me with silver globules, gently
the earth lets out a sigh at its appeased thirst
crystal clear droplets stream down my neck slowly
touching to soothe skin and all of my senses
moistening lips as I ease my defenses
submerging the soul to cleanse the emotion
my lips kiss purity of nature’s potion.


optimism’s face

The thought of his coming brings
A smile to my face, fills my being
With bliss, a sense of anticipation.
A Feeling of expectancy.
The world is watching
Waiting with bated breath.
Seems like an eternity
Before he does come
Tiptoeing in just after midnight.
The heavens turn bright
With fireworks light.
He brings with him the prospect of
A fresh tomorrow,tearing off the pages
Of yesteryear, the woes and the wars.
His smiling countenance heralds
An era of human race living in harmony
Like a rainbow, multicolored
Spectrum of civilization.

#Personification of January.