I am so relieved…

I had this problem for several weeks. I had fellow bloggers tell me
they couldn’t access my blog. It freaked me out no end..
And WP helped a lot..They have always answered my call for help..
First brought to my attention by Paul Mcaleavey and today when
it all got under control, I asked him to check my blog to see if there
was still any problem.
I have to thank you Paul. Been a good friend..not only to me but I know for a
fact that you have helped several others in the community.
Paul has an amazing blog http://www.palfitness.com
Many tried to help but I am particularly grateful to Chaosxdblog.wordpress.com.
When she couldnt read my stuff, she did everything in her power to help me.
several emails later, I was still jittery but she didnt lose patience.
Dear girl, thank you for your time and effort..
And a big thank you to WORDPRESS for getting things running again..

Have a good week folks and a gorgeous weeekend..


46 thoughts on “I am so relieved…

      1. It’s a really silly, pointless story. When I was about 12 I thought one of the characters in the film Dude, Where’s My Car was called Zoolon. Why I even bothered to have that thought I don’t know. The thing is, no character in the film is called Zoolon, so I kept it for myself. That doesn’t really say a lot for my imagination thinking about it. Ages ago I got Arsenal shirts with Jorj printed on the back as the guys I was playing football with decided it looked better than just having George. All my aliases revealed.

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      2. You are hugely talented. Very laid back , this is quite a treasure for me. Gleefully looking forward to listening . But I think you not got your due , yet. You are made for bigger n greater things. Amen to that.

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  1. I managed to de-link myself from both my Facebook and my Goodreads accounts and I also totally freaked out because, try as I might, I couldn’t fix it. My colleague at work helped me and I have now sorted it out so I know how you felt. Glad everything is sorted Yassy.

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    1. FB creeps me out and so does whatsapp. I don’t know how the Goodreads works , but I sure am glad you got things under control. It’s all been sorted thanks to WP .


  2. I’m honoured to have been mentioned in this satisfying post, by one of the most supportive bloggers! Thank you Yas! Im so glad its finally resolved and we now have access to your amazing writings!

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    1. Well, I feel damn lucky and I am so glad this happened and I got to know you and your brilliant and spectacular writing. Bless your generous heart for coming out to help me without any ado.

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