oil spell

mermaid went fishing on high seas
to find a catch, went down on both knees
her boat capsized and sank
down it was all dark and dank
found an oil spill, sea of black grease


57 thoughts on “oil spell

      1. well, yes, it is very sad! Humans are supposed to be the smartest creatures on the planet, yet how dumb we make situations at times. My friend in Pennsylvania is worried about a gas line running through her area that is odorless and colorless. It’s a nutty situation for that area, especially since the area had to be evacuated the other day because a construction crew severely damaged a gas line! She said the smell was very strong and foul! Your poem does hit a nerve with how things are going!

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      1. I know you live in Mumbai. And thanks for understanding. As for my name, since you are so sweet and I feel bad you don’t even know my name, you can give me any name you like. 😀 i will happily respond to it.

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      2. Absolutely! Life is simpler that ways. You can call me XYZ or Athena or girl. It would not define nor change our relationship in anyway.

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