balancing perfection

time hangs in balance–
slowing down, almost crawling
as I walk the rope

doing a “freehand”–
juggling clubs, spinning plates
pushing wheelbarrows

mentally focussed–
my spirit endures the force
of gravitation

psychological makeup
of the mind and soul

an act perilous–
performed with effortless poise
the ultimate feat

hanging by a thread–
walking a thin line between
intellect and heart.

42 thoughts on “balancing perfection

  1. I’m running I’m running, catch up with me life!!??
    This is perhaps one of your best pieces as far as personification and figurative language go.
    Time hanging by a balance and crawling while you seemingly racing with so many acts together is a very evocative imagery. You have managed to portray the dilemma perfectly walking ‘the thin line between intellect and heart’, something that all of us walk invariably but are too caught up or caught down to give a thought to, let alone document it. But by slowing down time and making it hang by a thread, you have coaxed it to take a moment to think about the discord it creates when it moves without sync with your actions and intentions and wishes.
    A very fine work, soul sis! 😘

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      1. You are welcome. I could have gone on but I thought I’d be boring you to death with my non-stop blah blahπŸ˜‚. But I’ll repeat, exquisite Senryu series both in terms of language and thought that went into perfecting it.

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      2. If we met each other I doubt both of us would let any of us get a word in sideways. We are so alike in that is that we talk and talk and talk and that’s what sisters do. Did any of the above make sense.

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