destiny spins a yarn

Destiny spins a yarn threading
A fibre through time
To string up time on the wall or
Embedded in an hour glass
well propotioned
An equal upper and a lower half
Like a doll
Fate caught in a glass jar
flowing relentlessly, unstoppable
Moments held under supervision in
A place called the four walls
A house or a home
Putty in whose hands,
A yarn is spun on a drop spindle
To coat a collectible that has sensibilities
Ceaselessly toyed with
Molded, branded, burned with
The stamp of chauvinistic masochism
In this state of doom, time stands still.
Tears prick the back of eyelids
The prick of needle oozes blood
Rubbed with shifting, sifting sands
Little time granules freeze
for that one moment,
But glory evades.

25 thoughts on “destiny spins a yarn

  1. Very complex narrative with strong images that tell a story the reader will remember. I’d like to think the heroine gets the glory she seeks in the end. (I’m a romantic/optimist.) 🙂

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  2. Hey you Goose – I remember You but do You remember the magic of light on the far end of the wall that does not shine but does ask the threatening ask, the one then and now called the beseeching use of the time and the knowledge of the Right and the Wrong and then they all begin to make it. It is about time they all sound the use of the time called the ren and the ry and that is all.

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