Midnight Pearl

Lacing the pre-dawn darkness
With infinite chastity and purity
Snuggling on a bed of morbid starkness
White orbs sparkling with clarity.

Straddling the day and the night
In the darkness of the prevailing gloom
“Teardrops of the moon” in flight
Dispelling dismal woes to doom.

In the dusky dimness an iridescent glow
Translucent moment held in transition
Of a dividing time that lets luster to flow
From a cabbalistic force to lucid ambition.

A fine balance between what was and what is to come
Dark strokes in the sky and dawn’s pearly lightsome.

touched by your flame

your lips leave a trail of shimmering
kisses on my skin, leaving me burning
flaming passions, igniting spirit
an ardor rising by the minute.

onslaught of emotions caress, flow
teasing senses to a crescendo
enticing me with touch amorous
coursing through veins fervor rapturous.

I melt as you kindle inside me
cherishing a sublime memory
sync we in ecstatic oblivion
to culminate into dawn’s beacon.

A friend

This is a dedication, a tribute to each one of you on WP,
who have read my work and taken time to comment. I am deeply grateful
for the appreciation and words of encouragment bestowed on me by your generous hearts..

A beautiful friendship I have made
My loneliness now seems to fade
A friend for life I have made
My thoughts and feelings I love to share
With you my friend
You understand a lot of things I say
and sometimes never say
Life now seems so much brighter
So much better
Now that I have found you..