has become so much
a part of me
I dont feel it anymore.


8 thoughts on “intrinsic

  1. Hi Yasmine: I’m putting a comment here since I don’t know how to directly contact you. Interesting…although I have been subscribed to your blog for some time, I do not receive updates when you publish. I checked all my filters in gmail, but could not figure out…and I’m an engineer. Net sum…I think your work has tremendous passion. Looks for time being I’ll just have to check into your blog regularly to see what new has been posted. Have a wonderful New Year Yasmine. Forrest 🙂


    1. Hi Pasky, maybe some glitch in WP, I have told the guys at WP that many have told me they can’t log in to my blog. They got back to me but seems to me that the problem persists.
      You have a safe happy healthy year . You can mail me at , if there is any issue .


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