silvered dew sparkles
embellishing the expanse
an argent gliding
of luminous corundums
dazzle in nature’s mural

bejewelled, sequined
icicles fluoresce chasteness,
a Puffin breaks ice
as the fragrance of Snowdrops
envelopes silken snowflakes


36 thoughts on “snowfall

  1. I begin to see that what I began to ask myself: “can Yasmin shoehorn so deftly, softly and with no possibility of blister yet one more image, one more frozen motion into five simple lines done twice,?” better possibly had I asked of my self still swirling in your words, why are you still seated and not bifurcatedly rolling on the floor – and the ceiling – in marvel and joy? I am so glad I stopped to watch your puffin! My ears hurt – not just my cheeks from the gifted grin you give.

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