my quintessence

the essence
of my conscience
a bright burning flame warming my being

the radiance of soul’s enlightenment
a fulfilment
of my dreams
brought to

37 thoughts on “my quintessence

  1. How beautiful is that! To begin with, your titling is very wise. And your words about the radiance of a (albeit not necessarily enlightened) soul brightening up one’s entire being is spot on. Your concrete form is commendable too. Great job, Yasmin!

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    1. Thank you very much. Tell me more about you ‘two’. I love the way you analyze my work. It’s very encouraging and inspiring. Learning is continuity of ones aspirations. That is poetry.

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      1. You are welcome. We love poetry so much that besides writing, we love dissecting a poem 😀, with the intent of getting as much as possible from the piece that has touched us. Honestly, he’s better at it than me, analysing I mean. We have been reading your work and we think you are really good. As far as learning goes, you are right. It’s a continuous process. Your Poetry evolves when you evolve and vice versa.

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      2. I three: I felt not a whit of ill intruding as it were on this so joyous thread. I liked the dissertation differently but as much as the offering, and particularly enjoyed seeing the visual form, one which evoked in my a nostalgia both a part of and apart from your work. Thanks, Yassy! And Thank you, emotional spaces. I will take home your words as well as I mix rye and whole wheat with other flours and form on my favorite board some edible poetry for Christmas morning after a long winter’s ferment.

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  2. I don’t know which greek muse you abducted to be able to spew such beautiful and intricate words in a brief and concise albeit magnificent manner, all I can say is I always look forward to your posts and They inspire me

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