my ma

My memory of mother is my grandmother
She has been there since my first waking moment
I never felt the need for a father
My heart holds for her, a huge monument.

My grandmother was the grandest person
The first lady in my life
I was alive and kicking she,the sole reason
Shielded me from all emotional strife.

My biological mother didn’t want me
Never put me against her bosom,like mothers do
My parents didn’t want responsibility
Left me with grandma and away they flew.

She made sure that life treated me square and fair
Gramps and she didn’t get along, apart they stayed
Her death was something I couldn’t bear
She made me so happy, for nothing I craved.


68 thoughts on “my ma

  1. Inspiration is what we keep getting from fallen and broken people to RISE UP…
    I thank you for sharing your story which tell us to be prepared for the uncertain approach of life…n keep moving towards peace and sustenance….

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  2. So Sad, that you biological mother never cared for you. I think That’s Why God gave us Grand-Parents, to take the place of our parents, when they are too busy for us. Now when you marry and have a kid, make sure you be a Good Mother and later on A Good Grandma.

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  3. A strong and moving poem, I admire your filial piety by writing this memorial ode. In Buddhism, we dedicate merits to the deceased as a sign of reverence, so perhaps you could dedicate the merit from your previous post (the fundraising reblog) to her.

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  4. Glad that your grandmas love made you a strong and independent woman. Your story is an inspiration to many, to be resilient during tough times and emerge victorious. Your words and feelings are a befitting tribute to your grandma. Stay blessed Yasmin πŸ™‚

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  5. You are a beautiful Soul..
    A soul strong and brave
    A soul which knows and sees life as it is.
    A soul which inspires others with her words
    You deserve more then you have got
    No not a sympathetic reply this is
    You deserve more because you have made yourself worth
    You have fought fights on the ground which many would have fleed
    So very proud of you for being you.

    Be blessed…

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      1. Thanks so much George. Poetry is life to me, when I am not writing , I can only think of writing. Must be the same with you, with tunes n melodies going round in your head.

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