night obliterates

night obliterates
the color of consciousness..
alabaster moon

58 thoughts on “night obliterates

      1. That is true, to have vision and to realize them in a way that benefits everyone, is the definition of success. That is why I really like your blog, not only do you have talent, but you take the important step of transforming it into excellent poetry to adorn everyone’s lives, and you do so with zeal and sincerity.

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      2. Yes, those are all words….I thinkπŸ™‚. Me, clinical……I have to much patience for that……ohhh, play on words!!! Just wanna know about my number 1 fan πŸ€—……..clinical, I am not……agog I simply am.

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      3. Wow!!!! Mind blown and then re blown!!!!πŸ’₯
        I don’t know why you would think the thought of me not thinking the thought of accepting you just for thinking alike, I thought we were better I thought, don’t ya think?

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      4. Yeah, I went looking for it and couldn’t pull it up……now I’m more curious but don’t feel bad, I feel lost to. To have no direction is to never know ones way.
        Yeah, I tried to read about you and got zilch, zip, nada, nil.

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      5. Oh progressive…..that’s progress. If chatting, reading and writing is hurting your eyes, you gotta cut down, you see? Play on words Yassy. So two pairs for the price of one!!!

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      6. Hmm, your logic does carry logic, but just because I find your logic logical and not illogical doesn’t make me pathalogical with being logical. But, I see where you’re going……..Sassy Yassy is something snappy.


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