reflections of love

Nature reflects God’s love for mankind
His creations lovingly defined.

His most spectacular creation
man, created in His reflection.

Proclivity that has been bestowed
Endearment that has often flowed.

Like gushing streams, flowering blossoms
Gurgling brooks, birds singing love anthems.

In the innocence of a young child’s eyes
A child’s laugh, a smile, hope empathized.

Emotional attachment reflects
As heart rules the head, the soul connects.


33 thoughts on “reflections of love

      1. Just 200 more Bruce Jewett haiku to read and select for his upcoming e-publishing project (oops: supposed to be surprise). He wants a dozen or double-dozen or so, but I have broken that barrier with the first two hundred or less. He claims he canna pick himself. Made me suggest-write a foreword, too. Fool! He has a good hunnert of them thar haikuey and senruey thingies worthy of flinging into a small book! You? Would not venture the commas needed to contain your output!

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      2. Yup. Reminds me to pen the Sinter Claus story from the time Spain ruled over The Netherlands, reaching back to the days after El Cid dealt with The Moors…and why The House of Orange yielded to economic pressure and turned a big badass into a pawn of the mercantile elite.

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