Hi, you guys!

Oh well, I been thinkin, its getting a lille irksome
telling each of you, well, ha..anyone who asks anyway,
what my twitter handle is, my instagram id, so there you go.
i chirp at , nah I tweet @yaskhan and insta at yassiekhan…yup
Oh Yeah..I should go and put it into my ‘about’ or something like that,
but I am scared I may goof up..still finding my way round here..bravo to me..
ciao..good day to all and sundry..


36 thoughts on “Hi, you guys!

      1. You so sweetly replied… Bless you Pawan (I took it as a beautiful blessing)

        Thus I thanked you stating you as a Soul which is very beautiful.

        Because we all Souls are beautiful and we all are just Souls

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  1. Thank you, Yassy: y sus tomandes mi pelo tambien (apologies for fifty-year-past forgotten spelling and grammar – and grandper too). Now, were I so good as to follow your example at getting all the handles held out and the site cleaned up. Too much to put on to worry about sweeping and hanging wallpaper and such.

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      1. Don’t die on me Bruce. Divine is up there and me not liking it one bit. You got a rockin sense of humor , am coming for the turkey treat. Richly wrapped in goodness

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      2. I have it on good authority I will live forever: when I die is when forever stops and I get to go to ground and rest for the big trial to see what’s next. I think I’ll like that. And the other parts, too. I already have been thrice dead and each time was a special treat…though i have but a fleeting memory of the middle die, but I was cast in a much better mold the third time and got a couple of giggles outta that outrage. Did however tend to piss off a navy shrink back in Jacksonville when I finally resurfaced. That tale in the queue.

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