a winter night

I sit staring vacantly into the fireplace, as my heart chases dreams that my mind is set to conquer. Flames leap into the air casting long forlorn shadows that seem to stretch forever into the walls. Crackling logs spurt sparks in the air, making little bursting sounds. Outside, the night is quietly chill, as the snow falls steadily, almost noiselessly, like soft white feet sinking into the ground.

sparkling icicles
brighten the darkening night–
white landscape dazzles

It is as if time has come to a standstill. I forget that the noise I hear is the tick tock of the Big Ben. I have not drawn the blinds yet and venture towards the window. I can see nothing through the frosted window pane.

snowflakes fall gently
wrapping the night in silver–
nature hibernates


42 thoughts on “a winter night

  1. Very nicely done! Heart ‘chasing’ dreams that the mind is set to ‘conquer’. The choice of words is neat, proving the difference in workings between the heart and the mind. And the style is quite fantastic, a backdrop in prose against which you pen a poem. Really enjoyed this piece.

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