a benchmark

the sidewalk
takes the abandoned
as night falls,
streetlights dim
in the bitter cold
homeless sleep
in shades of grey…
a benchmark

41 thoughts on “a benchmark

      1. I was thinking about the same but the problem is people have become so intolerant.. can’t post the truth these days .. you know what happened to my old blog

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  1. Yasmin…meri jaan…what a lovely heart you have! Your empathy shines through. You make me feel hopeful that the ones we need to care about, for they are noticed because you train the spotlight on them. Otherwise they are simply ignored and most of us are not even aware of their existence. Thank you for sharing. Bless you! 😙😙😙😙😙😙😙

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  2. Lovely poem, this subject of homelessness is something I’m always thinking about, mainly because I see it a lot and it breaks my heart, as the best part of my day is coming back home to a cosy warm bed. I always want to know how they became homeless and every story is different, and the mere fact that I’m actually talking to them and taking an interest is sometimes all they want as unfortunately is rare as most people ignore them as there are people who take advantage and act homeless when in fact they are not and play on and manipulate the kindness of others into giving them money. However there are people who genuinely need and appreciate the help even if it’s just a simple hello. And the more you pay attention the more likely you will be able to distinguish the pretenders from the real.

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