another beginning

I talk to God everyday
I know I am gonna meet Him someday
I don’t know when death will come
You live some, you die some
when it comes I will go gladly
maybe I need a change of scene badly
I know life is just a journey
That begins and ends like a tourney
will I be going to heaven or will it be hell?
In this life, of both, I have had a spell
some situations in life leave you defenseless
the tears, the heartache seem so senseless
for me, death will be another sunrise
life’s aftermath, maybe a pleasant surprise
the soul and the spirit never dies
leaves a mark when it goes, again to rise
The ‘beyond’ maybe beyond comprehension
a seventh heaven ascension
dying is going to be a transition
a new birth of spiritual fusion


40 thoughts on “another beginning

  1. amazing synchronicity! I was talking of this topic yesterday with a friend… am I afraid to die or can I embrace with equanimity… I’ll only truly know when the next breath is…. not there . Great poem Yassy

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