words of the heart

When you see me, your eyes light up, you smile
Your smile sweeps me off my feet, I love your style.

Your eyes touch me with a look that makes me blush
You tease me as my cheeks turn red, flush.

I clothe my soul with your warm gaze
This cold night, I glow with your blaze.

The heat of your touch is like a fire that burns
Leaves me with a verve that wants more, yearns.

As you clasp me in the warmth of your arms
I lose all sense of time, I give in to your charms.

A rush of blood as my heart pounds, flips
As I taste the love on your lips.

We don’t need words to say how we feel
We stamp our souls, hearts, with love’s seal

58 thoughts on “words of the heart

      1. I broke to take bread with my poached-chicken n brown rice n brown lentils breakfast soup. And then the bowing boy says: that sounds just like what the psychologist who wanted to know did I really bayonet babies said so many seasons past my first morning at Naval Hospital Jacksonville (Fla.). And…so. The flashbacks of each couplet collide in both coitus and handholding and which I wonder was the more lovemaking or the lovedoing and whether ’tis right so to separate the ‘stinctions. My. This couch isn’t quite so lumpy as I had expected.

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  1. What a lovely poem. I like how you build the experience. The tone of this piece is comforting. I particularly liked “I clothe my soul with your warm gaze.” A touching reflection of love’s deepest reflection. Thank you for sharing it.

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  2. Decent rhyming couplets. Several good images, and a few that dances close to clichΓ©. Interesting that you choose to focus on the other’s eyes in all three opening stanzas. All in all an enjoyable piece, and abstract enough for the reader to create their own lover within the words.

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