killing it

putting my heart where my pen is
a piece of me in black and blue
emotions inside , waiting for release
splash of sentiments, of every hue
my pen has become my mouth piece

tongue tied, seen but never heard
withdrawn, shy, I am an introvert
buried in my books, I am called a nerd
frustration, negativity, I did convert
notes quivering like song of a bird

writing helpes to ease the pain
liberation of pent up passion
calming my senses, tranquility gain
fashioning a poetic creation
flowing ink, an emotional drain

I can see the writing on the wall
I have taken the bull by the horns
In life’s promenade I now walk tall
pathways maybe strewn with stones, thorns
I no longer stumble and fall

quintain Sicilian

78 thoughts on “killing it

      1. Thanks… yes I compose all my own stuff.. so moving into deep house, tech house, trance house is an interesting and very different direction! I love my guitar and oud and clarinet, but I also love my synthesisers!

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  1. I can relate with this whole poem. Especially this one:

    waiting for release
    splash of sentiments, of every hue
    my pen has become my mouth piece

    tongue tied, seen but never heard

    I feel like this all the time. Sometimes we need to release in order to help ourselves to express our thoughts with the world. πŸ™‚ Excellent writing. πŸ™‚

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  2. So lovely. Your words – love the way you write!! So inspiring. I’m new to blogging and feel like I have no idea what I’m doing. It’s so scary to put your words out there. I feel like there’s so much of my raw-ness and vulnerability in my writing. But getting it out is so cathartic. I hope to really improve!

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  3. As good poems have great endings so can mediocre poems be pretty cool poems … after all the words of pain and angst the last two lines tell me of the mystery within … those words penetrating with mystery … a unique to me, with sound; not the music group! no … the musings of a child calling for its father .. but the phrase means more than that … Quintine Sicilyn … ababa … could it be code? Two couples and one … good writing makes you think and wonder … within each mind who takes in your words you want your world to be remembered]/a permanent place where a spark of light surrendered within their mind …

    Quintain Sicilian ababa ,.. A sad sad comment to make from the ancient underground … I’ll take these words away as a little burning ember,

    the mystery … of a name … the mystery of a word … , the spark remains … …

    blah blah blah … thanks for liking my poem I kind of liked it too. I woke from a drowse, heard a sound, grabbed my phone and the thing wrote itself. Dontcha’ love it when that happens? take care … ks

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  4. Your expressions echo many people who walk the path of solitude for various reasons, but I like the way you ended your poem on a positive note in the last stanza. Nice job and well said. Best of wishes for you. And thanks for dropping by my Cee’s B&/W Photo Challenge.

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  5. You really do reward second-readers, no? But I got my own well-trained introvert to beat into upward eyes, pumpkin on straight and resting comfortably above the fray betwixt my shoulders. A well-crafted piece, yaskhan66. When, eon and one-half ago, I had to play a white guy breaking up a marriage to a beauteous black gal – opened at a state college BSU gathering before our run at homeschool (The Gingham Dog), I overjoyed inside at my ability to shed tears on command by assuming the words were mine and the lives were ours…that is how I felt reading this marvelous piece. Thanks.

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  6. A well said morning routine before beginning to connect with a source hard to understand. No real logical methodology but to find our center which pours forth hope, beauty and maybe some truth. “It” must be killed so as to come alive. “It” must be taken to a place of obsessive wisdom and then empty the pool of thought and reach “It.”

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