A maiden Sally

She sits pensive, this maiden fair
In solitude, she contemplates
Sojourn of capitulation
for nourishment of her soul’s fare
to where her yearning culminates
her odyssey to temptation

form:Italian sestet


77 thoughts on “A maiden Sally

  1. So, now I know my ‘abc’s’ … but ignorance about what’s obvious can grow from plants and seeds other varieties of thinking/thought/nuggets discovered from simply turning your head in the wrong direction if but, momentarily …

    ababa .. became a parallel universe for me spun from Sicilian lore and some strange code until I learned and it wasn’t half as exciting. I don’t want to know reality. Give me the spring that feeds it; the world beneath it or all around us … give me the mystery and leave me alone … festering with curiosity, the desire to understand …

    My mind had taken flight momentarily into a land that was … but will be nevermore … an accident of thinking … a misunderstanding yet …. how wonderful .. i took from you the mystery you didn’t know you gave me … a door opened and another world appeared …

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      1. wull … are you thinking about pressing charges?

        Most people would probably say, “why do you want to know my name?” but I won’t ask because that would be rude. (??) like, wull .. what business is it of yours?”

        I’m squeamish about giving information for example … I won’t ‘sign up’ to be a follower if i have to give my email address. … OR … especially my debit card number! So don’t even go there Yashie.

        Wull, ok … I’m being stupid on purpose but I DO come by it quite easily. In fact, my philosophy of life? “stupid is funny!” Fits in nicely with actually BEING stupid. On top of that people are always laughing! which is kind of nice.

        So … SHUT THE FUCK UP! right? whoops! … sorry .. !

        Fuck it! kurt struble …

        now what? WIFM??? ‘Ya godda come clean with me Yashie. am I going to get an invitation to your next birthday party? Or what?? ks

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      2. I like to call people by their names , that is all. I got too many problems in my life to worry about you. I come to WP to write and enjoy the company of poets n artists and well , people interest me. It’s a bit difficult to call you midc , so normally I ask people here their names. Do dude. Chill.


      3. Dudette! I was not serious! I was chiding and being sarcastic but I was wondering why you asked. I didn’t care why, I just wanted to know. I was flattered since I don’t get that much personal recognition. I have my followers who come back regularly and they are wonderful but ……. I don’t go for big numbers. I write to write and if someone discovers what I have written and likes it great! I try to take a look at all my ‘likes’ or commenters. when i read what you wrote it was good enough for me to respond because I NEVER respond unless i can make a meaningful comment and these are few and far between believe me because i don’t see that much inspiring work. But yours …. it was nice … it was good … i had some nice word usage … you string your descriptive words along like I do (not BECAUSE of me of course .. ) so I got into that and you don’t say what you’re trying to say you say what you are trying to say so that people will have to think about what you are trying to say so therefore … this is art. Compeling people to search for the meaning of what you have created. My instincts tell me you are on a learning curve with your writing as … WE ALL ARE .. what I’m trying to say is, you COULD master a certain style but of course this takes time and lots and lots of practice, right?? So all those comments about my debit card and giving out information about myself was stupid, bullshit ….

        I go around every day having personal contact with people and i ask every person I have an exchange with what their name is. I do this because every person in the planet loves to hear their name spoke to them because it validates them as a person … it recognizes them for who they are. all of the sudden you have a personal relatioship going with a person you’ve never seen or met in your life and invariably this provides an opening for a funny comment … during that suspended time …. ending up with laughter. But it’s all about first … knowing a person’s name. I even got the name of the cop who stopped me today … Ryan … we shook hands and parted with big smiles.

        so i certainly recognize what you told me was the reason for asking my name and i’m glad you did becauuse … all you wanted to do is validate me as a person. But I didn’t know …. you surprised me actually. No one has EVER asked me my name so that they could be cordial. So you were the first … and I like your writing …. and I will continue to make comments if and when I come back because comments are wonderful things to get especially if you’ve done something good. it’s a validation of who you are just as knowing a person’s name is.

        jeeze … I’m really sorry I gave you the wrong perception … i think you’re wonderful ….. k.s. aka kurt … midc … hmmmmm … i’ll have to give that some sought Yaski. take care … oh! i already did that … bye …..


      1. Thanks for letting me know. I try to keep things short, but I thought that topic deserved a little longer treatment. I will keep your commentary in mind for future posts.

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      2. You mean “Iglesias”? (Which is the spanish word for “church.” His name, if anglicized, would be “Ricky Church.” Of course, maybe you really mean Eglais.)

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  2. Dear Yaskhan66, Thanks for liking my post. Thanks for describing the ‘official’ rhyme schemes (where they are used) in your verses. I use my own, though not following ‘established’ forms, though there’s no obligation! My posts ‘Notes on Posted Notes’ describe how I found my rhyme and internal and pararhymes, as well as the assonance and consonance of my verses. In terms of syllable My current series of posts on themes Titled ‘Austerity’ and ‘Election 2016’ use Tanka (5-7-5-7-7), and my 4 self-published volumes of Reflections use the English haiku 5-7-5. Further posts about scansion of my other posts (including the Solitude series) will follow.

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