evasive peace

will man show his true worth
as he lives on this earth
as God’s highest creation
will he end all these wars
erase all hatred scars
this sense of confrontation
that makes him want to fight
blinded by ego’s might
bringing life’s devastation

balassi stanza


19 thoughts on “evasive peace

  1. Oh my. I have no idea Yassy. When I look at the scenes from Aleppo I almost weep for the end of humanity. One thing (speaking as a man!) is we need less ego \ testosterone driven men and more women in positions of power and influence. Is my opinion…..

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  2. Well put. An interesting thought indeed. Humanity has a way of perpetuating senseless violence.

    Let us hope, someday soon, we find a way to stop doing so. That we someday soon, find a way to accept all and end all wars. No more violence, no more pain and no more suffering.

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  3. I don’t think suffering will end, as it is God’s way of teaching us. But when man wants to play God and inflict suffering on others, we must be vigilant in prayer and hope these men will once again know the supreme good and truth.

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  4. Change not the pure hope encased in this thoughtful piece, Yassy. I fear we are predatory to our own kind and fail to realize that all are the same and the efforts to war and acquisition could do so many wonders here and above our blue marble but greed and envy, like fussing twins, are allowed to take us down – but we ourselves. Do not despair. Write. Be. Hope. Live your prayer.

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    1. read last line…by we ourselves, not but. The flaw is in us but does not have to be us. But at the same time peace in a time of wolves is won at the price of willingness to battle the beasts. And the beasts sure knowledge of that fact.


      1. Da Nada…but, then, it is so much more than nothing. Toil on with bright face and forward smile. I look forward to soonerishly being able to dive deeper into the archives for fun and prophet(ess).

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