spectacular spectra

a burst of prism
after the sky has shed tears—
water reflections

varnished bands of light—
optical phenomenon
of vibrant hues

shades of violet—
indigo, blue, green, yellow
orange, red tinges

spectrum illumine—
breathtakingly beautiful
multicolored arc

69 thoughts on “spectacular spectra

  1. Youll find it…hiding in puddles
    Youll find it…hiding in raindrops
    Youll find it…hiding in tears

    It helps you…out of your troubles
    It helps you…out of your dead stops
    It helps you…out of your fears

    Thats how it is
    Day from night
    Thats the way it is
    The truest light…

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  2. Stephen king, on modern poets said that they ‘live in a Tolkien tinged world, pulling poems out of the ether’.
    Of the myriad poems I come across every day, this one struck me as one thoughtfully written and not merely pulled out of the ether. Beautifully written πŸ™‚

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      1. Filthy Souls, I meant no disrespect to anyone. I was merely critiquing with the intentions of praising her poem. I’m not an academic at all and neither do I wish to be one. Poetry is fun indeed. But there’s a fine line of difference between good poetry and bad poetry. That’s my opinion; I am entitled to it. Her poem struck me as a good one and i thought to mention it to her that it was.

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