I lose control, I can’t stop giggling
when I am tickled, I can’t stop wriggling
stitch in my sides, am in splits
convulsions of crack up fits
an uncontrollable gleeful squealing


monsoon hues

I dream of water pouring from the sky
Colors that touch the eye and fly.

Everything has been suffused
In tints of violet, indigo, blue, green, red.

Glistening downpour, a ruddy outburst
Of water varnished and dispersed.

Bringing in cascading shades of blues
Turquoises,indigos, sapphires, azures.

A prism of shades flying loose
Enwrapping earth in various hues.

An achromatic wind says its adieus
Enfolding in showering tinges that allures.


Intoxicated by nectars floral
Aphrodisiac toast made immortal.
Like petals of a flower they lay entwined
In passionate embrace their spirits bind.

Scents of summer evening tantalize
Already heightened senses hypnotize.
Enveloping bodies to state of bliss
Drowning in the ecstasy of first kiss.

Exquisitive sensations hold them enthralled
Temperatures soar, incandescence, scald
Dewy heat glistens on a soul now bared
This paroxysm of warmth, nothing compared.

Love’s essence unfurls its fragrant blossoms
Stimulating hearts to fervent rhythms.


my kinda sun

each night you leave me
and go to the other
side of the world
to make their day bright.
in the darkness of the night
the moon comforts me
she sheaths me in her
silver shining light
the stars dazzle me
with their twinkling brillance
as slumber overtakes me
i sleep the night awawy
waking up to find you
all around me
engulfing me in your warmth

spring enchantment

beautiful little globules
silvery crystal droplets
Humming softly as they fall
gliding down gently

hummingbirds are frolicking
butterflies are flitting around
birds twittering and chirping
serenading joy

an ambrosial shower
a light indulgent sprinkling
moistening the balmy earth
a redolent dip.