I am turning into a hurluberlu
my nib is going all raplapla
is there an apothecary
who will dispense a potion
for bloc de l’auteur?
all this loufoquerie
going on in my head
je deviens folle…

28 thoughts on “saperlipopette!!!!!

      1. Oh yes! I visited the USA in April , LA is great , so us San Diego loved Hollywood, Florida is cool, so is Vegas , loved Keywest , DC is awesome , NY rocks. LA is great love Orange County , bye. Watching breaking bad. Am gone

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  1. Reblogged this on richwrapper and commented:
    Another Yaskahn delight…I will be spending time with my OED (American) among others to more fully know and enjoy. And that’s but one more good think a poet can do to and for a reader.


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