born with two left feet

clumsy feet, tripping, stumbling, ailment dyspraxia
brain bright but poor coordination of body reflexes
clear the hurdle in the mind, that’s the greatest handicap.



131 thoughts on “born with two left feet

      1. I thought you might. One of my dogs came and barked at me. I have been “up” overnight again, and it is approaching 5 AM here. (Maybe I am a vampire actually?) Anyway, it so happens that I speak “dog.” What she said to me with that series of barks was “what the hell are you doing up at this time of the hour?” 🙂 I suppose she might have a point.

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      2. Now you have me laughing. And my dog is barking at me again. She started growling at me. I suppose she needs a bribe, er, dog treat.

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      3. Yes, but it is a secret. If I tell you, you might speak it. And then she would teleport in front of you. *I* may have given up witchcraft, but that does not mean that my familiars have….

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      4. Yes, it is a classic. “They” just don’t make them like that any more. We have to fill in the gap with our creativity on the Internet.

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      5. Yes, I saw that on the map. Seems like everyone has told me that Indian cuisine is divided into Northern and Southern. But I am highly suspicious that is an oversimplification regarding the dining options from a country that has over 300 native dialects.

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      6. Cannot reveal that. Astrologers are not treated favorably in Texas. Most people call me “Grand” or “GT,” but I tell people that my “online name” is Grant Rhymes. And, I do write. I attempt Nano every year:

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      7. Yes, that would be an excellent story. You will have me be a “Prince Charming” of your imagination pretending to be the grumpy old man (aka “Grand Torino”) that I actually am. 🙂 Sounds like a good plot.

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      8. Yes, well, good morning to you! You cannot be in (high) school, or you would have left already (if the schedules are like ours). So, you are college-aged?

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