monsoon hues

I dream of water pouring from the sky
Colors that touch the eye and fly.

Everything has been suffused
In tints of violet, indigo, blue, green, red.

Glistening downpour, a ruddy outburst
Of water varnished and dispersed.

Bringing in cascading shades of blues
Turquoises,indigos, sapphires, azures.

A prism of shades flying loose
Enwrapping earth in various hues.

An achromatic wind says its adieus
Enfolding in showering tinges that allures.

15 thoughts on “monsoon hues

  1. Love the poem, even here where the rain chills the body right to the core it looks and smells amazing. Everything is so clean afterwards as well. I’d love to join you and dance in the monsoon downpour sometime as that would be so amazing.

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