dreaming till dawn

Drawn to you like moth to a flame
This devastating attraction is to blame

You make me hold my breath
Filling up my senses to the very depth

Just the thought of you turns me on
A good night’s sleep seems to have gone

This vibrant chemistry between us
Strange things to my heart,it does

I can see my soul’s reflection in your eyes
As we lock gaze to mesmerize.


81 thoughts on “dreaming till dawn

  1. Such depth of emotion lives in my memories only, as beautiful memories none the less. Is all human love and attraction the reflection of the love for the flame at the centre of being? that soul’s reflection that you see in a lover’s eyes?

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  2. The vibrant chemistry between us … reminds me of once being asked as a young scientist “what kind of scientist are you” … “A physical chemist” my reply … “I’ll be the judge of that” her reply! Thanks for conjuring up the memory. Eric.

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      1. Awh thank you , I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’m trying to become a regular blogger. I really love this site it feels like a nice warm family , everyone seems very positive and encouraging. I’m using this as a creative outlet to improve my writing technique also to de-stress from the pressures of A level study.

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