where the spirit dwells

twilight fringes the vermilion horizon, the sun sinks into a soiree of
burgandy ambits. The sand cushions me, its moistened grains clinging, the tide
thunders up the beach, it is full moon, the sky clear, turning from blue to ink black.
stars like rhinestone glimmer without hesitation, white frothy waves crinkle at my feet,
as crepescule rays wrinkle and recede with the water, like sobs rising in my parched throat
swallowing an ocean of tears that well up from the pandemonium of unrestrained
saturating, emotions churning, flooding, a torrential tormenting testing the strength.
cataclysmic, cathartic, never purgative, as mind beckons memories, again and again,
deja vu…even as the ocean’s roar drowns the pleas of my heart, my soul
seeks solace in nature’s phenomena ..
I breathe into the salty air and taste my tears,
the ocean encompasses me as my tears dry
I would not need a headstone.
My spirit travels on…
in another time and a new journey..”


28 thoughts on “where the spirit dwells

  1. Oh. Well Yassy, I am about to write something. I hope it will be poetry of a kind. It will be called sadness because that’s where I am right now. Then I open my mail and I see your post. Strange resonance. I hope you are ok? That sounds crass I know.

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