joule electric air
    all around us, palpitating
    feeling the static energy
    stimulating, animating
    stirring the spirit
    warm interaction
    latent yet subtle
    glow in motion called life
    conducting itself inside of us
    warming the gut
    transforming the insipidness
    of pessimism’s coldness
    penetrating the coolness of apathy
    rousing the fervor of phlegmatic
    hackneyed mind
    convection of impetuosity
    conflagration activating cells in the body
    coursing through veins
    red hot inflammation
    inspiring the spirit
    to combust into radiation
    dissipating into verve


    10 thoughts on “joule

    1. you know, my poetry has got more and more prosaic … I was happy with that, my style. But this piece of yours, along with a few others I’ve read, inspires me & reminds me the english language has a huge vocabulary cos it’s made up from lots of other languages (a bIt like the British are made up of so many races…wish they’d remember that when they’re getting xenophobic, racist, moronic like at the mo)!! Thanks for the inspiration.

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      1. Thank you Tony. I enjoy your writing immensely. When and if time permits I would love to read each and every piece . I am honoured with your appreciation and this is enough inspiration for any poet. Thank you for taking the time out to read my work. Overwhelmed , honoured.


    2. I have read only a few of your poems, but each one is so unique–like walking through a beautiful jungle. I can’t wait to see what is at the next turn. I love this one- joule. I live in a family of engineers: husband, both sons, and now my five-year old grandson claims to be one! It’s uncommon to see the blend of the scientific domain with the sensory. Looking forward to more. (And thank you so much for stopping by to read mine. 🙂 – Mira

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    3. i am in awe of your thoughts, even when the words are beyond me. i sense i have read you at length before on some forums i used to frequent. the things you say always challenge me, in a good way of course.

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