moon is my muse

This celestial glory inspires
Serenading nocturnal desires
Illuminating earth with silver light
In twilight’s aftermath, a soothing sight.

As glittering stars round her meander
She smoulders with ethereal ardor
Enticing the tides of oceans and seas
Bringing the darkness of night on its knees.

Her aura, divinely sensational
Orbiting with pull gravitational
Selene rides the night sky galvanizing
Arousing dreams, her spark tantalizing.

Her white luminous face exhilerates
As quill emotes, my pulse accelerates



20 thoughts on “moon is my muse

  1. A love story (i.e. poem) to the moon. I guess you could call it an “ode” as well as a sonnet, unless an ode has a particular format like a sonnet does. High school English. What a long time ago that was. Nice job, anyway.
    And I’d like to thank you for visiting my f-stop fantasy blog while I’m at it.

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