red is the color

of blood that flows in our veins

it is not black, white

black , white, is not a color

just the darkness in our minds .


16 thoughts on “racism

  1. Bravo. We’ve all been played too long on this racism card. And everything else-ism. We open ourselves up for manipulation when such divides are exploited. There is only one divide, Rich and poor. That’s the way it always was, and the way it always will be.

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  2. Yaskhan, I don’t want to Spam your blog, but this is important…

    My name is C. Erskine Brown, and I would like to share the most horrifying story you will ever read about modern day racism.

    Consistently garnering five stars, A Cry Among Men – The Novel, is being touted as one of the “Best reads of 2016,”… “brilliantly written fiction adroitly framed around the events of today.” 

    Since its debut, A Cry Among Men has captivated and deeply impacted readers. As a passionate, deep thinker on the subject of racism, I strongly encourage you to read it. Our country must raise the level of discourse on a problem that so many are wide-eyed and vocal about while others have chosen to turn a blind eye.

    Thank you,


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