How to reblog?

Do I sound dense, silly, stupid? I may delete this post once I get the answer but I am lost here.

How do I reblog an old post?

Sorry to take up your time but I hope to get some answers. 

Thanks guys gals. 

17 thoughts on “How to reblog?

  1. Reblog one of your old posts? There might be an easier way, but I always change the date to whatever date you’re wanting to post, and then change the post to “private” and then back to “public” to get it show back up at the top of Reader for that day. Or did you mean reblog someone else’s post? I’m not up to speed on that yet.

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  2. I wondered the same thing. Also I fear there’s a secret etiquette to such things and I’ll end up making some terrible faux pas and bringing more shame upon my blog.
    If that’s even possible at this point.

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      1. Ha ha – join the club. I am trying to act natural, like a seasoned blogger but I haven;t got a clue what I’m doing really. I see all these other blogs with hundreds of likes and comments and I get about 2. Youi have to laugh though! Life is a comedy!

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  3. I always do things backwards. Go to the post you want to re-blog. Go to edit. On your WP Edit screen leave Visual View and click HTML View. Highlight all HTML text by using cursor (or press ctrl+a). Copy all HTML text by clicking Edit, Copy (or press ctrl+c). Close the old post.

    Open a new, blank post in WP’s compose screen. Go to HTML view. Click in the body section. Paste the HTML text that is now in your clipboard by clicking Edit, Paste (or press ctrl+v). Take a look at the new/old post and make any needed intros/changes. You will have to duplicate the categories, key words and featured image as they do not come along with the body HTML text.

    Sounds complex but takes me only a few minutes of copy/pasting to dupe an old post. This works btw to copy any text in any web page-though it will not copy text contained in an image.

    Thanks for visiting my site. I look forward to reading your stuff. Not many of us write haiku.
    ‘Tod’ [The Contrarian]

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