faces of loneliness

you smile and the world smiles with you
most times, there is no one to wipe your tears
no one to talk to when you feel blue
in solitude, you battle your fears.

loneliness manifests itself in depression
withdrawing into a shell, into isolation
a sense of abondonment, of rejection
sword of damocles hanging over head like damnation

one cannot cheat loneliness with drugs,alcohol
solitariness helps discover ones’s quintessence
sorrow, pain,gives a feeling of acquiescence
intoxicated senses is like fighting a raging squall.


14 thoughts on “faces of loneliness

  1. I looked up a word (again)…quintessence…another one I think ..’I don’t know the root of that word..’ The fifth element, aether, the magic. Now I understand! You describe emotions… waters, shoals, of which I try to steer clear. I try my hardest to see my sadness, when it comes, from a distance. Sometimes I succeed.

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