the outpour

A weak timid sun pushes through the clouds
I can see a thunderstorm approaching
Blueness of sky covered with grey shrouds
Heavens open on dry earth reproaching
Quenching thirst of parched earth, heavenly grace
Smell of moistened earth fills the dripping air
Synchronized joining of earth, wind, water
A lovely wet embrace
I hear the sound of thunder rolling somewhere
Streaks of lightening makes the sky brighter.

As it slowly falls, the rain to me sings
Blending in with the wind that carries it
A sense of comfort to me, it brings
Inhaling scent of rain filled moist fresh grit.
I sit dozing in front of the fireplace
With closed eyes, I can hear the rain falling
Puts me in a stupor this steady sound
Reverie fills up space
In my mind with dreams that keep on coming
Contemplating on thoughts that keep me bound.

The rain gently wreathes all that it falls on
Soaking,steeping, the dryness dispersed
Freshness in the air, a newness is born
Birds take flight, into a ditty they burst
The rain has dribbled down to a drizzle
I take a deep breath as I step outside
The smell of wet earth intoxicates me
I hear the wind whistle
It touches my skin,caressing to slide
Face upturned, I let my spirit roam free.


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